our vision


Leading in
community social

our mission

Provide innovative and dynamic services to enable justice for clients and the community.

What we value


  • Person-centred and holistic - clients are at the centre of our activities.

  • Excellence - commitment to improve justice for clients through evidence based services that are integrated and focussed on empowerment.

  • Respect - for each other and the right of everyone to make their own choices.

  • Inclusive - working actively to reduce barriers to access and improve outcomes across different populations.

  • Safe and open communication - we listen and respect the value of all. (our client, communities, staff and stakeholders)

  • Compassion and appreciation - to all those we work with and for.

annual reports

Annual Report  2018 - 2019

For a copy of historical annual reports please send an email to info@nsclegal.org.au


strategic plan

Download a copy of our Strategic Plan 2019 - 2023