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general legal help

Power of Attorney

NSCLC provides legal advice and assistance in relation to the following generalist areas of law:


Family Law – Matters involving children, divorce, family violence, limited advice on property settlements, and limited advice on child protection matters.


Family and general violence restraining orders and misconduct restraining orders -  for both applicants and respondents.


Consumer disputes – minor civil disputes between individuals and businesses, disputes with telecommunication agencies, and minor contractual disputes about goods and services.


Debts – minor debts owed to or by an individual. (Please note that we do not provide advice to business owners).


Criminal Injuries Compensation – advice on, and assistance with, the completion of applications for criminal injuries compensation.


Motor vehicle accidents – advice on property damage only.


Please note

  • court representation is limited by Centre resources, priorities under our funding agreements, and  a lawyers capacity.

  • advice on minor criminal law and traffic matters – Joondalup office only.


women's resource

& engagement  network (WREN)

WREN was established under the Commonwealth Women’s Safety Package and is a Health-Justice partnership with Legal Aid and Joondalup Health Campus. The service works closely with other agencies including the SPIERS Centre (offering financial counselling)the Pat Giles Centre and Ishar Multicultural Women’s Health Service. 


WREN is in a discreet location, providing a safe and comfortable environment for women and children experiencing domestic violence to receive legal and non-legal support. Including a team of lawyers, social worker and financial counsellor. Priority is given to female clients experiencing domestic violence that are in crisis. WREN is a referral only service, referrals are accepted from external agencies, such as Joondalup Health Campus, Magistrates Court, domestic violence support services, the Department for Communities and WA Police.

general legal help

older peoples rights service (OPRS)

The Older People’s Rights Service (OPRS) comprises of a senior lawyer and nurse advocate team. The service is funded through the Department of Communities to provide legal advice, information and support to older adults who are at risk of, or are experiencing elder abuse in the Perth Metropolitan and City of Mandurah area. The service provides a monthly outreach clinic to the Southern Communities Advocacy, Legal and Education Service (SCALES) in Rockingham. Outreach services can also be provided to client’s within their own home or other suitable environments whereby they meet the outreach criteria. 


Elder abuse can be physical, financial, psychological, social, sexual and/ or neglect, it is a very complex area that can cause distress with finances, relationships, physical health, mental health and quality of life. OPRS focuses on empowering older adults in their decision making by providing relevant advice, information, education and support. In addition calendars, brochures and support materials are produced to assist older adults in making contact with services that can help them.

Grandma with a Sun Hat

seniors register

Seniors Register is operated by trained volunteers who make weekly calls to older adults who may be feeling isolated and appreciate a social chat with a peer. The primary reason for establishing the Seniors Register was to reduce the risk of abuse and crime to seniors in their own home and thereby maintaining their personal and financial security.

 OPRS volunteers

Are a group of formally trained Peer Educators who advocate for the protection of seniors rights by providing information to their peers on issues relating to elder abuse, as well as promoting positive ageing strategies. The OPRS volunteers contribute their time supporting and facilitating a variety of projects. These include: the ‘Purple Road’; community awareness events and expo’s; community partnerships; network meetings and a positive ageing newsletter ‘Older and Wiser’.

purple road

A community awareness campaign which grew out of a roll of material, some forgotten balls of wool, and lots of enthusiasm from a small group of people who share a hope of spreading a message. The eighteen-metre-long road is made up of thousands of hand-made purple flowers – contributed via art and craft groups and older adults of our community. Purple is the colour of age and wisdom. Every flower represents someone’s story, a conversation or reflection relating to the very important, yet sensitive subject of Elder Abuse. Elder Abuse is a ‘human rights’ issue which can prevent someone from ageing positively. The Purple Road is a collaborative artwork; a visual representation of the rights of an older person which gives rise to positive ageing and empowerment of our older community members.

seniors register_oprs volunteers
purple road

restraining orders and respondents (ROaR)

Weathered Man .jpg

Our Joondalup office operates a Respondent Duty Lawyer Service at the Joondalup Magistrates Court, which is the only service of its type in Western Australia.


Our ROaR service assists respondents with reaching undertakings and Conduct Agreement Orders with customised terms. Customised agreements are often the only way that a respondent is able to remain in contact with children of the relationship when an FVRO is in place, while ensuring the safety of the victim and children, and without the extensive delays involved in going to the Family Court.


Advice for restrained persons supports the victim by minimising the risk of potential breaches, and preventing meritless court applications proceedings. The preventative value of early legal advice and Court assistance to a restrained person is immeasurable, and is essential in limiting further trauma to both parties.

tenancy advocacy and education

Our tenant advocates provide advocacy and advice for tenants in the catchment areas, often appearing in the Magistrates Court as Duty Advocates. The NSCLC Tenant Advocates are skilled negotiators advocating for the rights of both public and private tenants whilst also working with tenants to provide them with the necessary tools to improve their situation and to accept responsibility for the decisions they make. 


Many clients present with a multitude of problems, including limited financial management, debt and low income. 


Tenant Advocates work closely with financial counsellors and other community support workers so that clients can maintain, or gain tenancies. Other services our advocates can assist tenants with include:

  • Negotiating with the Department of Housing on tenancy matters

  • Appealing a Department of Community and Housing decision, including support at hearings

  • Helping to negotiate tenancy problems with the landlord or Real Estate Agent

  • Tenant’s rights and responsibilities in managing and maintaining a rental property

  • Termination notices and Court notices

  • Advice with Court Hearings and in some cases assistance at the Court

  • Settling bond disputes, and

  • Referral to other appropriate services.

tenancy advocacy and education

immigration advice & referral

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