we understand the value of volunteers
to both the organisation and local community.

our volunteers

At NSCLC we understand the value of volunteers to both the organisation and local community. We have a range of volunteers all with their own unique skills and background who give up their time freely to support our vision and programs. 


Volunteering gives you the opportunity to become an active member of your community while helping others and yourself. If you are interested in volunteering at NSCLC, please email you expression of interest to info@nsclegal.org.au

oprs volunteers

Are a group of formally trained Peer Educators who advocate for the protection of seniors rights by providing information to their peers on issues relating to elder abuse, as well as promoting positive ageing strategies. The OPRS volunteers contribute their time supporting and facilitating a variety of projects. These include: the ‘Purple Road’; community awareness events and expo’s; community partnerships and network meetings.

Our volunteers:

Judy Joukador, Pauline Simpson, Jenny Mavrick, Mary Kepert, Karen Reed, Evaline Bailey

seniors register

Seniors Register is operated by trained volunteers who make weekly calls to older adults who may be feeling isolated and appreciate a social chat with a peer. The primary reason for establishing the Seniors Register was to reduce the risk of abuse and crime to seniors in their own home and thereby maintaining their personal and financial security.

Our volunteers:

Evaline Bailey, Jenny Mavrick, Wayne Firns

volunteer lawyers

We are fortunate to have a valuable contingent of volunteer lawyers who practice across all of our sites at NSCLC. We acknowledge each volunteer solicitor who has spent time with us in our Annual Reports.